How Many Heart Stents Does Your Loved One Have?

My mom had her second heart attack Wednesday night and ended up with 3 more stents in her heart. Bringing the total to 6. This gets me wondering, how many is to many stents? How many can the heart handle?
I hear the arguments surrounding stents and their ineffectiveness. I just want to get a feel for how others feel in my position.

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  1. Lee T said:

    Cardiac stents have been a lifesaver for many of us – and the technology continues to develop and improve. I have two stents. More than 2 million people world-wide receive stents each year.

    The stents are not in your heart, they're a small metal mesh spring inside the arteries that keeps them open so the blood can pass through.

    Sometimes people reblock or develop new blockages in their arteries and have to have either another stent or bypass surgery. Up to a third of those who had a stent will reblock. This percentage drops to about 15% with the use of drug eluting stents.

    If you have cardiac stents, you still need to take action to reduce your risks.

    * Don't smoke

    * Monitor and control

    o your cholesterol levels

    o your blood pressure

    o your weight

    * Get regular exercise

    * Control your stress

    * Take your meds as directed

    For more information, check out…
    Good luck you you and your mom. I'll be thinking of her.

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