Ive Start Smoking Ciggarettes Again My Heart Rate Feels Like It Skyrocketed?

Ive been exercising but i havent been eating good. ive missed like 2 meals a day and only dinner. Now ive taken up smoking again and my heart is going crazy, is there anything that i can do to calm it down. And how long does it take for your heart to calm down after and intense exercise.

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  1. TraiNWre said:

    Depends on the person, smoking isn't exactly helping your cause, cigarettes have nicotine and carbon monoxide which constricts your blood vessels increasing not only your blood pressure but your chances of getting a stroke or heart attack. And since your inhaling carbon monoxide, less oxygen is being pumped to the heart by red blood cells. Therefore the heart goes into overdrive, trying to get as much oxygen as possible. Dude just stop smoking man, it's easier.

  2. Iain R said:

    People are often under the misconception that nicotine should actually calm you down – but it's really a stimulant. When you were a smoker before, your body had become addicted to the nicotine and the withdrawal symptoms you got when you didn't smoke for a long time would have made you anxious and increased your heartbeat a good deal more than the nictoine did. Therefore it felt like nicotine was actually slowing your heart and relaxing you (which it was, in aggregate).

    Since you have just started smoking again after a break, the physical addiction has probably gone so you don't get the anxious addiction feelings. Therefore, you don't get the aggregate calming effect you used to get – you just get the stimulant effect of the nicotine. As your body becomes addicted to nicotine again, you will begin to feel as though it's calming you down – although it's really an illusion.

  3. yomama said:

    Once you quit a bad habit like smoking and your body begins to perform optimally, it will react more severely when you start the bad habit again. It's difficult, but your best bet is to quit again.

  4. smokeysa said:

    You should quit smoking, just pretend like the cigarette is a penis, and when you're sucking on it pretend like you're giving it a b-l-o-w j-o-b, because that's basically what you're doing. That thought might make you quit.

  5. thatarti said:

    It takes longer to calm down depending on how healthy you are. If it is taking a long time, it is time to get in better shape. I smoke too and am going to quit soon. I have had enough of these things.

  6. mick2319 said:

    The only way to fix your heart rate is to stop smoking. *** for your heart calming down after exercise, it varies from person to person usually a when your breathing returns to normal.

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