What Kinds Of Heart Conditions Cause Angina Pain?

There is someone that plays an important role in my life that suffers from angina pain. This person is sensitive to shock and emotional unrest. What kinds of heart problems cause this and is there any way to ease the symptoms or cure the problems?

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  1. Instant Reverse Cell said:

    Angina, means heart pain due to decreased blood supply to a particular portion of the heart, mostly it is due to narrowing of the blood vessels (coronary arteries) supplying the heart. The narrowing is due to scar and what is known as plaque formation a process termed as atherosclerosis, the blood vessels become stiff and narrow, when the plaque ruptures or ulcerate, locally blood clots are formed which further occlude the arteries of heart known as coronary vessels

    There are several risk factors which include, smoking, drugs cocaine, meth etc., High blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, diabetes, overweight, lack of exercise, hereditary factors, men in general, race and most importantly stress and bad food choices

  2. chuppkay… said:

    angina or called ischemic heart disease are are result of narrowing of blood vessels near heart due to building of cholesterol on these vessels wall and therefore heart cant get enogh oxygen supply and become weak.

    it is better to avoid any stress becouse stress can lead to more narrowing of these vessels

    also food full of fats and cholesterol should be avoided

    the best solution for this condiation beside medications is life style modification and playing sports or walk under medical supervision

  3. jo n jo said:

    a lack of oxygeneted blood supply to heart due to blockades in coronary arteries,which supplyes blood tto the heart mscles.

  4. Avin said:

    if you have coronary heart disease then all those symtoms are for that just look it up

  5. CUTIE G said:

    angina is caused by poor circulation of the blood feeding the heart. Usually due to a build up of plaques in the vessels that feed the heart, that block adequate blood flow. When the person becomes emotional, the heart rate speeds up, and the heart needs more blood to do the work, but the vessels are partially obstructed, so the muscle, the heart itself is a muscle, hurts.

    Doctors usually prescribe sub-lingual nitroglycerin for this and it is usually very effective.

  6. Vate said:

    Smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol…just a few causes.

    The best treatment is appropriate diagnosis and medication.

    It may not be heart related at all…shock and emotional unrest…the angina could be the symptom of a panic attack.

    This person should see a doctor.

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