How Long Does It Take For A Dog To Get Heart Worms?

It’s been two years since I’ve had my dog checked for heart worms. She has been on heart guard for the two years but she’s missed a month here and there. I’m taking her to the vet this week for a check up. Is it a big possibility she has heart worms?

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A Great Dane Lady
A Great Dane Lady
50 lat temu

Your dog should not have heartworm.

The pills were tested at every other month and no dog got heartworm.

Read the article at Dr. Malernee's sit e He links you into the government's website to prove the point. The link is to the original studies on the heartworm pill.

And by the way, the heartworm pill was tested by giving it to heartworm positive dogs. They, also, were negative at the end of the study. The heartworm pill will cure them.

50 lat temu

heartworm is weird, it is like retro-active

check out this chart:
if she has been on HG for 2 years only missing a month here and there she is probably okay. Heartworm Test is part of a regular yearly exam. If you have the money get a blood work-up, at my vet they include a free Heartworm Test with it.

50 lat temu

The chances are probably good that your dog does not have heart worm. It would have to be bit during the time it was without medication.