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Why Marble Tiles Are A Cooler Option For Your New Home


The amazing toughness, elegance and strength of marble has made it one of the sturdiest, classiest floor surfaces ever. Marble tiles also are cleaned with the greatest of ease. Utilizing marble tiles for flooring makes a perfect method of creating a unique creative expression for your home.

These floor tiles have been a popular choice in the architectural realm due to its unique features that make it appealing to homeowners. If a homeowner would think of transforming their home to resemble an Italian or Greek villa, using marble tiles are one way of doing it. Marble tiles make a wonderful kitchen countertop, bathroom accent or stand-up shower. Marble can also be used as a fireplace hearth or installed in a hallway or foyer to add a sense of luxury and elegance.

Marble Tiles Are A Hypoallergenic Alternative

Marble tiles are viewed as perfect hypoallergenic option for home flooring use. There were times when marble was used as flooring in hospitals and nursing homes. During the hot and humid summer months, the uniquely cool base of marble makes for a quite amusing underfoot, which adds a soothing and relaxing feel, and is an added value to choosing marble tiles for flooring.

Overall, utilizing marble floor tiles is a perfect way to accent an interior, with the extra added advantages of its more practical features. As marble tiles are made from a natural substance, the variations in color from tile to tile are both expected as well as preserved. Marble floor tiles are polished elegantly and checked for small fissures, which could materialize in the stone, and filled in with pigmented resins or sealants, in order to maintain the structural value and integrity of the tile, as well as the appearance.

Marble Tiles Require Little Maintenance

Marble tile manufacturers and sellers frequently use words like “refined,” “understated,” “elegance,” “classical refinement,” and “affordability” to describe and praise the worthiness of their product, as such marble certainly is all of these qualities. It is a natural stone and, therefore requires little care and only standard maintenance.

Marble tiles age beautifully and can withstand heavy use, stains and traffic. With minimal upkeep, the marble tiles in your home are destined to provide years of elegance, beauty and effective functionality. You won’t need to cross the Atlantic if only to achieve a timeless European look and feel.

Slip-Free Marble Floor Tiling

For areas in the home such as bathrooms and foyers, marble flooring with a less slippery finish must be placed. One good option is using “tumbled” tiles, which have a slightly rough and worn-looking surface.

The other option is using “honed,” tiles, which present a dull, matter surface. Well-maintained marble flooring can last decades. These tiles are susceptible to abrasions, which can generally be easily polished out. Because of its porosity, common household liquids like juice, shampoo, juice,wine and nail polish removers can stain it. An application of a breathable neutral pH sealer after installation and at regular periods can help prevent stains.


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